Education & Criteria Panoramic view

By : Essam Rashed

Along the history learning process goals have passed a number of stages, for long time knowledge and passing knowledge through generations was the main goal, then there has been a shift towards skills which may help students to gain more knowledge throughout years of study to be lifelong learners who gain the skills required for every field, that attitude concerning skills lasted for long until it was overwhelmed by the concept of standards .
By standards we mean developing more than one skill, other words standards mean developing a combination of skills together to be sure that students enjoy parallel integrated skills forming balanced efficient personalities able to meet high standards of the second millennium.
Consequently, school subjects integration was the following promising developing area which led to a more complicated process in which school subjects are merged together to connect and unite the content of knowledge to be more as manifold content .
Many countries and educational institutions tend to apply STEAM /STEM (Science , Technology , Engineering ,Arts ,and Math) curriculums as one of the most recent international educational criteria that presents a new type of learners.
Singapore’s curriculum was a leading model for STEAM Education inspite of the fact that it was mainly developed in USA National Science Foundation NSF.
The main advantage of STEAM curriculum is that it enhances the concept of seeking and investing knowledge vs. the concept of just study & practice the given knowledge & skills which will create different set of minds with distinctive way of thinking .

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