The Relase Decision and the Coronavirus cases

By : Omar wael

Coronavirus cases are on the rise worldwide, but for the Egyptian’s amazement, the number of the new cases after the slight releasing for the lock-down for 25% capacity, decided by the Minister of Education; Dr. Tarek Shawki, was marginally less…
The average number of daily new cases before this decision of releasing the lock-down was about 1340 cases every day. But the first day after the lock-down releasement, the number of new cases did not even reach 1300!
So, did the decision of the slightly release of the lock-down resulted in fear in the citizen’s hearts so they refused to “hang out”?
The answer is simple as that; people were already on the streets before this decision, “hanging out”, having fun, doing their shopping and every other thing they want to do in public on the streets where they come across many people, which causes the escalating in the number of cases before the decision.
But, maybe, the release of the lock-down in addition to people loving to spend time in the Cafes is what induced the decreased number of cases, because these people are now coming across less people, they are not hanging out on the streets and encountering others while walking, they are now spending some time at the Cafes, and other places to hang out at which was finally opened after the latest decision by the Minister of Education.
Was the releasement of the lock-down the right decision regarding the new daily numbers of coronavirus cases? It is doing well after all!

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