Education & Environment

Written by: Essam Rashed

Education & Environment
Education & Environment

Paying attention to the crisis that environment has been facing during the last 5 decades may require more than writing articles and holding conferences.

Being aware of environment and environmental problems couldn’t be marked by politicians or governments, in fact governments wouldn’t be able to recognize the importance of paying much attention to environment unless people and politicians who form governments are aware enough of the problem as it is mainly an individual issue before being a governmental one.

We can’t easily establish a type of awareness towards environment in a short time process this issue is to be taught from the very beginning in nurseries and schools ,then we would have individuals and citizens who are fully aware of the problem whether they form the government or be just citizens they would help to support environment and fight to protect it.

on the other hand governments would play a critical role in which they are able to lead and direct  public opinion by giving priority to environmental issues , governments might ring the bell to alert the people and citizens to stop any kind of harmful practice towards environment but it wouldn’t be easy for governments to increase awareness within short time.

In brief , both individuals and governments are responsible to increase the awareness towards environment as early as possible as individuals wouldn’t be able to face the problem alone, same time government shouldn’t expect individuals to response to that issue within short time, so it would depend on cumulative process of creating awareness from the early beginning.

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