Social Media

By: Essam Rashed

Social Media
Social Media

Increasingly social media has been crawling gradually to take over most of the activities in our life in which we move slowly to depend on it to substitute the normal meetings & interviews. As any coin social media has two faces in which it might help, support and be useful solving many problems, same time it might create a different type of social and psychological problems that we haven’t expected and should be aware of

Firstly, social media  plays a vital role in which it reduces costs ,over crowdedness even time & efforts as we don’t have to move a lot while we can do work from also helps a type of world wide spread for ideas and sales .In many fields social media has a growing role ; education ,banking ,work .press & booking as well that discreet effective undeniable part it plays support our life and make it a lot easier

In contrary to this , social media has created a different type of communication which we seem to be forced to deal with as it reduces the normal social contact among people to be replaced with a different virtual contact (an online social communication ) creating virtual reality even virtual communities locked down behind walls and screens which may encourage individualism and might lead to a kind of social and psychological conflict in which families lose their bonds and suffer different social problems among their members

In brief, it is an argument that has no answer for the time being even after the crisis of Covid-19 social media played as a safe-boat for many of us. in spite of being of a harmful effect on the way we are used to communicating. it is fair enough to consider social media along time and move slowly to study and examine its influence on society

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