Physical vs. Mental Health

By: Essam Rashed

Physical vs. Mental Health
Physical vs. Mental Health

An argument which is easy to be refuted, yet still having a type of prolonged discussions ; which seems to be more  important for sportsmen mental strength or physical one. both mental and physical health are required for sportsmen as they may not be able to achieve any kind of success without attaining both of them

Physical health is essential for any person even if not intending to practice sport which requires a high standards of physical fitness to allow person to exhort much effort still able to perform the biological processes necessary for his body to survive .it is illogical to expect a person who suffers of some physical weakness to overcome difficulties or even achieve sports victory, it is argued that we have many famous champions that were able to overcome their handicap, yet the number is not to be of a wide range if to be compared to normal physical fitness champions

On the other hand, it wouldn’t be fair to consider physical strength the only pillar that a person may need to achieve success with sports ,as mental strength is the main aspect that may lead a sportsman who is physically equal to another on to be a champion

In brief, it is fair enough to think that both physical and mental strength are the main pillars of which a sportsmen need to achieve success. One of them might exceed the other but any sportsman needs to have a minimum level of both physical & mental strength

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