Housing & Resources

Written By: Essam Rashed

Housing & Resources
Housing & Resources

The differences in which people deal with the demographic problem varies from place to place due to some geographical & physical features. Some countries prefer to construct a type of vertical distribution for housing and buildings and  high buildings. While  other countries apply a horizontal distribution for buildings in which they could make good use for land and resources to decrease traffic problems ,lack of jobs opportunities and over crowdedness . 

Normally, some countries which suffer lack of natural resources or being restricted to live on a small percentage of their land closer to a river or even have few water resources that might not help them  to live in dray places or desert , the only solution for them is to stick closer to the few number of resources they have,  that may be common in countries with rivers as in Egypt , Brazil & India , people in these countries tend to consider crowded cities with high buildings and vertical style of population distribution to over come the difficulties of choosing to live in remote or isolated places away of all services and larger communities . 

On the other hand , a different type of population distribution appears when some countries have varieties of natural resources ; coasts , underground water ,forests and rainy areas in this case people tend to encourage the horizontal distribution for people and buildings in which they can make good use of their resources and reduce pollution and social conflict that could be clear in countries like USA , KSA and other countries in Europe . 

In brief , the kind of housing chosen by a community mainly depends on the geographical, physical features and natural resources provided by nature to the place thus people work to adapt to the best choice that suits their homeland. 

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