Climate Changes

By Essam Rashed

Climate Changes
Climate Changes

Increasingly there has been a growing interest towards many environmental issues one of them is the current changes in climate in which the planet suffers global warming and a consistent rise in temperature .Many environmentalists believe that we have to work seriously to stop or limit these changes so as to be able to continue living on the planet , while there is a considerable number of people falsely believe that they can live with the changes just they need to be more flexible and ready to face these changes  

To begin with , the changes taking place on the planet are so fast increasing that they require a crucial change in our behavior , they don’t only affect peoples’ lives but they threaten plants and animals lives as well. It is essential to believe that the way we have been treating the planet for ages is disastrous as well as being destructive, so that the changes are not made by nature but they were forced by human factors. 

Therefor, people who believe that humans can easily adapt to the recent changes of climate are mistaken for many crystal clear reasons; people would not be able to keep up with fast even destructive changes made by the angry nature , they would not be able to predict how far these changes could be developed and influence all the aspects of our life 

In brief,  peoples on the planet need to consider that the recent changes on climate are not caused by nature they were forced by human behavior which might lead to a worse situation if not being amended and rerouted , the claim that we might be able to adapt to these changes is not aware enough of the reasons nor the results of such a  catastrophic change 

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