Risking life for fun

By Essam Rashed

Risking life for fun

Adventurous sports that of high risk activities have been questioned over a long period of time as they are threatening lives bringing sadness to families and friends .Many youth might search for adventures willing to explore varieties of activities enjoy life at its higher level of risk , yet they are not wary of the deadly nature of some actions especially when they are not well prepared to face  such a risk .

Firstly, many people believe they can not enjoy life before they take it to the extreme , they believe they have the right to lead a different type of life in which they enrich their life with many unusual activities sky diving ,mountain climbing and diving . They usually search for risk and are not able to settle in one place they like to travel to move and face dangers .

On the contrary , many other people believe that such types of high risk sports should be banned and have no reason to be licensed or accepted as they compromise lives and cause great pain and sadness in case of losing others and accidents . It is not easy to convince a person in case of being afraid that his son walk to school , to accept the idea of letting his son go on a climbing camping or diving sessions not to mention sky diving or skiing .

In between we have a reasonable number of people who consider high risk sports as being a different way of living in which you do not  risk your life but you have amazing experiences based on calculations and precautions. They think that facing dangers may save their lives with their  challenging nature .

In brief, we have different types of people  some of them are not  cautious others are challenging while the third team applies the highest level of commitment so it is normal to find some people watching this type of sports while others are even afraid to watch in TV ,yet some others are flying away taking their life to sky.

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