By Essam Rashed

Festivals Essam Rashed
Festivals Essam Rashed

Amazingly all our festivals turned to look the same as most people do the same activities they practice every feast ; they might go for a picnic or cinemas  , restaurants and funfair regardless the main concept of the feast or the historical background for it which might lead us to question the truth behind the claim that these days are no longer of a religious nature .

Regarding Egypt the concept of feasts and festivals turned to be more related to spending  time with friends ,eating together  having fun or hanging out in a new place ,yet old men still consider the religious and traditional background for these Holy Days

In Islam and Muslim countries the concept of enjoying yourself is acceptable so long as you do not bother the others ,as most of our feasts come after a type of period of continuous worship in which people fast as in Ramaddan the holy month   or even before Al Addha Day in which Muslims go to perform pilgrimage. It is acceptable to enjoy yourself after you have been committed to worship but what is very important to consider is the way you enjoy yourself and that the theme of the Holy Day that you celebrate is still clear in your mind .

In brief, it is commonly known that festivals are for fun , yet it is also well known that every Day in all countries has its own nature & traditions or habits related to food , dances even costumes .

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