A Beautiful mind

All of us know that movie(A Beautiful Mind 2001 ). I love it personally. But I am not going to talk about it now but the title comes into my mind when I was thinking about Dr.Ahmed Khalid Tawfik an Egyptian author, writer and novelist. the most famous and well known by our generation those who spent nights enjoying his novels. So many memories crossed over my mind when I recall my first readings of his novels

1st issue that amazed me so much is about his main character in a series called beyond natural or paranormal.

This character is known as Dr .refaat Ismael who was a professor in blood pathology in the faculty of medicine, now retired.

an old man about fifties, a chronic cardiac patient, live alone in Cairo

Occasionally find him self involved in horrible terrifying situations with vampires, zombies, and paranormal activities. he appears frightened yes but also funny and sarcastic in a strange way

We loved this character so much, we lived with him many years, precious years of our life

I just remember at the end of his novels the author reply on his fans messages by the character’s way of speaking .he gives us a character with soul, flesh and blood.

Dr.Ahmed Khalid Tawfik was also a physician and a professor in faculty of medicine

Nobody of our generation denying the good memories and feelings we have toward this man and his way of thinking

The deep effect he left inside us, the great sorrow we have after his death

Dr. Khalid had a dream to see his work on cinema or TV .later on we heard that Netflix the international network going to release a TV show representing his novels beyond natural.

Dr. Khalid. Has gone since 2018 but his legacy will continue reminding us with a really good days..

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