A very dangerous spots on planet earth

1st episode

Travelling  is a real hobby  .it’s a pure fun and pleasure .all people wish to have a break every while and then  to take a thigh of relief  away from busy life, crowds, angry people ,depression and stress seeking for wide extended sky ,blue sea, shining stars in dark black horizon,  cold wet breeze

That makes you feel life again .go back to your wife and children love again but unfortunately  there is a dangerous spots on our planet .those places doesn’t  completely voided of beauty but it’s dangerous really dangerous. Sometimes nature seems ruthless.

Death Valley USA

 Is a desert valley in eastern California in the northern Mojav desert,. It is one of the hottest areas on planet earth along with deserts in the Middle East.

It’s known with that name because it’s of very hot and dry climate   (around 56 c°) .that may cause dizziness and fatigue for the person visiting that place. There is wide range Desert and a dry rivers .the valley is one of the lowest locations all over the world (86 m) below sea level.

Away of all that talk many people still curious about that place and prefer to go there during winter to enjoy with its warm winter weather.

There are lots of animals inhabiting this place like rabbits, foxes, turtles and snakes.

Scientists observe a phenomenon called (sailing stones in Death Valley)

It looks like (the rocks move and crave long tracks along a smooth valley floor with no human or animal intervention).

Contrary to its name, Death Valley comes alive with color and life in the spring. While the park is famous for its rare and spectacular  

the hills and valleys explode into a carpet of gold, purple, pink or white flowers.

Death Valley, Kamchatka, Russia

This island located Far East of Russia.  It’s one of the most dangerous  spots all over the world that’s due to high concentration of poisonous gases in the air emerged from Kikhpinych volcano which feeds the famous  valley of Geysers At its foot is the “Valley of Death”, where  volcanic gasses accumulate and kill birds and mammals that enter the valley. Caused death of all living creatures on that valley.

About 350000 people live on the Kamchatka Island (not in the Death Valley) but the island lacks of roads.

Scientists made many conclusions about composition of the lethal gases. gas that is released from cracks of Earth crust contains lethal elements such as hydrogen sulfide, carbon disulfide and carbon dioxide in high concentration which causes death of any creature there.

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